Thursday, November 27, 2008

Surmounting the Codereader Download Problem

So if you haven't downloaded the barcode reader to your phone yet, none of this blog makes any sense. A quick reminder that the way to download the scanlife reader is to browse to on your mobile phone, or text the word "scan" to 70734.

But what if you HAVE gotten the software yourself already, and instead you want to convince someone else to get it? The easiest way is to send that person a text with a link in it. The best way to get that text message (if you don't have it right now), is to scan this text message code.

By the way, do you see that this is a special kind of code called an sms code? You could publish this code if you wanted anyone to text you if they scan this code. For example, you could make a sticker with a code like this and put it on property you might lose. Someone who found it could send you a text message and you could arrange to recover the lost property.

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